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Store and manage your clients and transactions to keep yourself organized and on top of all upcoming dates. Through our carefully tailored system, agents are able to reduce time and redundancies when it comes to storing client data and records.

Custom reminders for every detail of your business! Easily visualize your monthly task list- generate reminders for upcoming birthdays, closings, condition expiries and much more. With our SMS and Email notification options, we make it easy for you to stay in the loop of all upcoming activities scheduled.

Keep your transactions securely stored with quick and easy access to all of your records. Designed to organize all your listings, closings and any important components that involve the transaction process as well as storing all pertinent data. 

Conveniently arrange reminders for any aspect of your business, with optional notifications through email or SMS text messaging.

Stay organized by managing all your active and non-active clients through our neat dashboard system. Providing agents with a visual outlook of their current client situation, while managing and prioritizing focus on high profile clients.  

All-in-one calendar outlook system to give agents a thorough visualization of their business for months ahead. 

Tailored to the exact needs of agents through a clean and simple client out-reach system to generate referrals and feedback. Options of automated mail-outs and customizable templates, to reduce your time. 

Pick and add changes to your layout to fit your preference. 
Send files directly to your clients for signing.
View all your marketing/general expenses in comparison to your commissions for an illustrated outlook of your business. 
Access all of your clients through our internal mass emailing option, with add-on features including a set up of customized email lists and marketing campaigns.  Powerhouse your business by saving time on having to go through the stress of picking out mailing lists for certain projects or promotions. 
Integrated cloud storage feature to keep all your data backed up and accessible at all times and anywhere you are. 
Organize your clients by managing specific campaigns for current and upcoming projects, promotions, listings and more. 
Synchronize your outlook and Google accounts to our software for complete control of all your accounts through one system, removing any redundancies. 
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