Built By Agents: For Agents

As a team of former real estate agents we have worked hard to provide you agents the right tools to be successful in your business.

Why AgentPlan

Our research in the field has given us a clear insight of all the things that can go wrong in a work day: we are here to help you optimize your database, generate leads, and upkeep your current clientele.

Above all reduce stress and save you time so you can focus on growing your business!

Grew up surrounded by a family of real estate agents, learning the ropes from a very young age and eventually managing the success of the family business. The opportunity to submerge into all aspects of real estate allowed Philipp to excel in the real estate market for some of its most affluent years. During this time, he noticed many industry deficiencies: particularly within software- which when introduced, lacked organization, and above all simplicity.

After many frustrating years of navigating through the redundancies of current software options on the market, he grew increasingly eager to offer a more permanent and easy solution.

Philipp P.
C.E.O & Former Real Estate Agent

From an incredibly young age, Ivan developed an unprecedented talent and passion for programming. In his early twenties, Ivan created Websocials, a first of its kind dating website which he later sold to a private company.

Over the course of the last 20 years, Ivan continued to work closely with many reputable names in software development, all the while growing within his company to the rank of senior developer. Ivan is a proven top tier programmer with immense wit and logical application, and a key asset to the success of AgentPlan.

Ivan P.

Co-Founder & Software Developer