Be your own accountant

View all your marketing/general expenses in comparison to your commissions for an illustrated outlook of your business. Quickly add credit cards, chequing accounts and start tracking all of your expenses. With efficient accounting, users are able to link commissions directly from property transactions and see them as income.

Stop stressing when it comes to tax season and stay organized with AgentPlan!

Say goodbye to spreadsheets!

Through AgentPlan, users can add multiple or single contacts within seconds. Simply fill out any details you might have on your client. Whether you were only able to catch a first name, or you’ve got a full client profile with their birthday and buyer preferences, you can easily input anything you have onto their client profile. If you’ve already got a system in place, you can always import all your existing contacts into our system. From there, you can filter through your contacts depending on the project they were interested in, if they are buyers or sellers, or if they are realtors that you would like to reconnect with. If the concept of importing your database stresses you out, we offer free on-boarding to make your transition easy and stress free.

Above all reduce stress and save you time so you can focus on growing your business!

Never miss any details!

The contact management feature allows real estate agents to genuinely utilize their address book. With each contact added, you can upload any corresponding documents to their profile. This includes any properties they currently own, the transactions they’ve made with you, any documents you may have accumulated throughout the transaction, as well as any personal notes or buyer preferences they might have. Birthday reminders and additional contacts allow you to save special dates marked off so you can guarantee a personalized relationship with your client.