Account privacy 

Our company policy regarding any and all account data is that it will always be securely stored and never altered. Access to the account is strictly limited to the account owner and any users under that account, as well as any other individuals that have access to the account. AgentPlan will continue to securely store all account data unless the account owner decides to cancel and delete his account, in which case please see the following section on account data. At no time does AgentPlan have the right to distribute any account data without said consent of the account owner. 

 For more information about the privacy of your account, please contact [email protected]  

Account data 

Upon cancelling your subscription and or deleting your account, your account data will be stored by default in case you need to access it in the future or if you decide to reactivate your account at a later date. If you feel you would prefer to have your account data deleted, simple send us and email at [email protected], explaining that you have already cancelled your account and would like to have all of your account data deleted. 

Our company policy is that we reserve the right to store account data by default. As well as reserve the right to delete account data from any inactive account at any time. 

For more information about the privacy of your account, please contact [email protected]