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Task Board Organizer

Manage your workflow

Stay organized by managing all your active and non-active clients and leads through our neat dashboard system. Providing agents with a visual outlook of their current client situation, while managing and prioritizing focus on high profile clients. 

Let AgentPlan do the your busywork

Prioritize your leads

Never lose track of your leads. Whether they are potential buyers or expired listings, AgentPlan gives you the best way to stay on top of all your hot leads and take your business to the next level!

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For further details on navigating and using our client contact management system, please follow this link to a quick tutorial.

Client Management

Manage & Store Transactions

Mass Emailing

Reminders & Activities

Sales Pipeline

Expense Tracking

Calendar Organizer (Sync Options)

Cloud Storage

Electronic Signing

Referral & Feedback System

Start & Manage Campaigns

Outlook/Google Sync

Customizable Fields

Referral & Feedback System

Tailored Features

SMS Notifications

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